8 best hair dryer for long thick hair

8 best hair dryer for long thick hair

Blow drying your long and thick hairs is not a sprint it is a marathon, It takes a lot of energy and time to blow dry your hair. Woman with long and thick hair know the suffering as you feel cramps in arm while drying and styling because of keeping your arm suspended in air … Read more

9 best hair dryer for short hair

best hair dryers for short hair

So you are the one with short hair like Ketty Parry. Short hairs are always in trend. To be honest, maintaining short hair is as easy as pie. Quick styling, low maintenance, less dandruff, fewer tangles, no split ends, and healthy hair are all the benefits that come with short hair. why we need blow … Read more

8 best hair dryers for wavy hair

best hair dryer for wavy hair

Hair are the part of body that women cherish the most and it troubles the most. I would not be wrong if I say hair are also the most experimented part of body .As we follow entirely a different routine for different types of hair we need to buy hair dryer for our hair type … Read more

10 best hair dryer to straighten curly hair

best hair dryer to straighten curly hair

Hairstyling is obviously a game-changer as it contributes to glam the whole look dramatically. But when it comes to curly hair then I can surely say they are the most difficult kind to manage and style. Curly hair is more prone to breakage and frizz as their spiral shape makes it difficult for the scalp’s … Read more