Go Hands free With a Hair Dryer Stand

In our daily lives we are getting more and more engaged with busy routine that it seems almost impossible to carry out styling looks all the time. In todays world your fashion statements is license to a successful life style. Blow drying your hair is definitely not an easy task. It requires time and effort to get a perfect blow dry. We can have the best hair dryers we want from the market but unfortunately we only got two hands. Than comes a hair dryer stand. It is like having a third hand, you should go hands free with a hair dryer stand. Not everyone is an expert of hairstyling, also keep your arm lifted for a long time is not an easy task. In order to sort out this dilemma below are few points that will help you choose best hair dryer stand for dressing table.

Styling while Hair Dry

Unless you are a professional hairstylist, with hair dryer in one hand you cannot get perfect hairstyle, you must need other hand to style your desired looks. Free your hands with a hair dryer stand. This useful tool provides you liberty of hair styling and a blow dry in parallel. Save your time and get a perfect salon quality blow dry while styling with a hair dryer stand.

Organized Space

These fancy looking hair dryer stands give your counter a salon look. They are smart in size and shape that covers less space and fits well anywhere. With hair dryer fixed to it and it wire routed properly your styling counter looks more organized and tidy.

Satisfying Hair Dry

With a hair dryer stand you can achieve the satisfaction of salon hair dry at ease of home. This is because your reach increases, as these stands are moveable also you are free to adjust position accordingly. So there are wet spots left behind after a blow dry from a stand.

Adjustable Height and Bending Bracket

You should not worry about fixing a hair dryer to a place and position it according to your head level. These hair dryers’ stands have adjustable heights. If you like to sit and style or your love to stand while styling your hair, these useful stands can adjust levels according to your requirements. Hair dryers’ stand neck are also moveable. They can move around freely so you do not have to twist it open and adjust all the time. Once you are comfortable at you styling position you can easily move them around wherever you need.

Strong Base

You should not be worrying about its place to fix. These amazing hair dryer stands came with heavy strong bases. You do not have to mount them on wall or bolt them somewhere near to your dressing table. With these heavy bases they remain firm in their position while you style and can be easily moved to other place when needed. On average their weight is not more than 2 to 3 pounds.

How It Works

It is easy to install, no expert level skills are required. Installation steps are as follow.

  • Insert thin metal rod into wider rod.
  • Connect these rods with round base.
  • Install bracket above metal rods.
  • Place your hair dryer inside the neck of bracket.
  • Use safety tape to fix the dryer once positioned perfectly.

Its metal rods are adjustable, you can slide them up and down where they can be fixed as per you requirement.


Below are recommended hair dryer stand amazon is selling them online. These are not only great in the fulfilling their purpose but also great in price. Both are affordable and reliable hair dryer stand for salon and home.

HLGOLDLUO Hair Dryer Stand

360 degrees rotation, adjustable height from 21 inches to 33 inches with vertical rods, 2.2 pounds stable base, bendable neck. Free your hands with countertop hair dryer stand.

Image Product Details Price
HLGOLDLUO HLGOLDLUO Hair Dryer Stand, 360 Degree Rotating Lazy Hair Dryer Stand Hand Free With Heavy Base, Hands-Free Blow Dryer Holder Countertop, Adjustable Height Hair Dryer Holder Color


Finish Type
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Erytlly Adjustable Hair Dryer Stand

With 360 degrees of rotating this hair dryer stand got metal body. Hands free hairdryer stand for dressing table, bathrooms, vanity and makeup room.

Image Product Details Price
Erytlly Erytlly Adjustable Hair Dryer Stand, Blow Dryer Stand 360 Degree Rotating Hair Dryer Holder Stand Metal Hands-Free Hairdryer Holder for Bathroom, Vanity, Makeup Room

Special Feature
Hands Free

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Free your hands with a hair dryer stand on your dressing table. Save your time with this amazing tool. Good reach to all sections of hair you can get your hair style done while giving a blow dry to your hair. A salon quality hair dry at ease of your home. Adjustable height and bendable necks these hair dryer stands are smart in size and shape and durable in quality. With their strong bases you do not need to worry about stability while using on full capacity of the dryer. Easy to use these stands are a must have hair care product in your styling tools collection.

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