T3 hair dryer vs Dyson, which one is best?

T3 hair dryer vs Dyson, which one is best

Ladies, we have all been there. You roll out of bed at 5 o’clock in the morning and head straight to the bathroom to dry your hair. You grab your trusty hairdryer and aim it towards your hair…only to end up with a frizz-ridden mess. Yo, I don’t want any of that! At that point, … Read more

Revlon vs Lange dryer brush, Which is the best one?

Revlon vs Lange dryer brush, Which is the best one?

Okay, ladies: you’ve heard about Revlon vs Lange dryer brush. You know it’s a big decision, and you’re not sure which dryer brush is the right one for you. We’re here to help. That’s why we wrote this guide for you. We’ll take a look at the different features of each brand, as well as … Read more

GHD vs T3 Hair Dryer: Which Brand Is Better?

GHD vs T3 Hair Dryer Which Brand Is Better

Are you a corporate wench or a weekend warrior? Maybe you are a fabulous and fierce femme fatale? Does it matter? Can you do awesome things with your hair at work and on the weekend? Maybe you aren’t super hot, but you want to buy an affordable hair dryer. I’ve got your back! The GHD … Read more

5 Best Heat Protectants For 4C Hair in 2022

Right kind of products for your hair is the crown of your head, the hair is healthy, it ensures you are empowered with a healthy body. If your hair is stressed and weak, this can be an indicator that you are not taking good care of yourself. Heat protectants are essential caused for 4c hair … Read more