Shark Hair Dryer Attachment IQ Air Wave

The Shark Hyper AIR Wave is a premium manufacturer. They have launched air power hair dryer. Great thing about is its next-generation Shark Hair Dryer Attachment IQ Air Wave that have changed the way of curling. This shark hair dryer attachment provides you an easy way of styling. The IQ Air wave attachment is super friendly to your hair and ultra-fast in styling. Salient features of this amazing attachment are as follow.

Shark HD100AWA IQ AirWave Attachment for HyperAIR Blow Dryers

  • Hair Type: All
  • Brand: Shark Ninja
  • Dimensions: 6.69 x 4.13 x 12.1 inches

Actual Long-Lasting Wavy Hair

The Shark Air Wave attachment is great. It can easily be attached to Shark Hyper AIR dryer. It creates flawless beach waves that are touchless. Hyper AIR technology provides long-lasting waves as section of hair remains inside of air wave cylinder without any external influence.

Freedom from Over-heating Fear

Hyper AIR is super friendly to your hair, as it works simultaneously. For instance by shaping section of hair into a gentle wave and drying in parallel. There is no hustle of hair tugging and blow dry separately. Therefore you do not need to worry about thermal damages to your hair due to repeated usage of hot tools.

Easy Waves at Home

The Shark Air Wave got a built in auto-optimized heat settings. Along with airflow settings from this amazing Air Wave attachment saloon quality results are ensured. It will automatically optimizes heat and air flow. Flawless confidence and wavy looks are easy to carry now. There is no complexity in using it, at the ease of your home best results are achievable.

Give Directions to Your Hair Waves

Shark Air Wave attachment have liberated its users to select the wave direction as per their desires. You can go with curls left to right, right to left. Moreover alternate directions can be given to curls. Simply by turning lever right or left, and even alternate section. Your preference are addressed in this tool.

Shortcomings of this Attachment

-This styling attachment is only compatible with Shark Hyper AIR hair dryers.

-Best results are in straight and wavy hair.

-Not included in Share Air Wave hair dryer.

-A little bulky to handle.

How to Use

There are no complex procedures, the Shark Hair Dryer Attachment IQ Air Wave is easy to use. This attachment can easily be fixed to the Shark dryer. As per your style choose between curling directions on the attachment. After this put desired section of hair into the cylindrical chamber of the attachment. Turn the Shark hair dryer on and it will set it to optimized settings. Automatically IQ Air Wave attachment will produces curls strands with the help airflow produced from the dryer. Time can be adjusted as per requirement of your curls looks.

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1 Shark HD100AWA IQ AirWave Attachment for HyperAIR Blow Dryers LONG-LASTING WAVES WITH LESS HEAT




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Why You Should Buy Shark Airwave Attachment

One thing is clear that it can only be used with Shark hair dryers. Which means if you are going to purchase a new hair dryer than you should get whole package. Buying hair dryer‘s complete package is a good deal as IQ AirWave price is adjusted in it. Buying this attachment alone will cost you around $50. Mostly loose waves are produced by using this device. Sharpness requires time along with hair styling product before usage. It uses the hair dryer the air flow to shape the curl. along with shape, dryer heat is also used to place the curl position. This usage of hair dryer airflow reduces the risks of heat damages to your hair. In this way ultra-fast drying, styling and healthier hair are achievable with this tool. This attachment is a bit bulky to handle but a faster way of getting wavy looks.

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