Hot Tools Best Seller Titanium Ceramic Deep Waver

Hot Tools’ award-winning product Pro Signature Titanium Ceramic Deep Waver. It is undoubtedly established that Hot Tools have delivered quality products with advance technology to meet the gold standard for professional hair stylists. Curly hair are the choice of many and to carry out beach waves all the time is a great hustle. Although there are multiple product curling hair e.g. curling iron and 3 barrel waver but this is about stylist-recommended brand pro signature deep waver. Titanium ceramic is innovate way to score wavy hair goals. Hot tools cutting edge styling technology and design, makes this deep waver effective, efficient and ergonomic. Nothing is beyond this pro signature waver to inspire your style. Easy to use customized deep waver empowers you to create stunning and authentic looks. To make your decision easy before buying we have mentioned all about this deep hair waver below.

Hot Tools Pro Signature Titanium Ceramic Deep Waver

  • Hair Type: Wavy
  • Brand: Hot Tools
  • Dimensions: 14 x 3 x 8 inches

Customized Heat Settings

Pro signature deep waver is giving you the liberty of variable heat settings. To make sure users of all hair types can be beneficial of this hot tools have given heat settings range up to 430℉. You can easily personalize your wavy look according to your hair type and texture.

Ceramic Titanium Extra Deep Plates

Always keeping up to meet the hot tool waver gold standards, this deep waver is equipped with titanium ceramic. You do not need to worry about hair damages while using titanium ceramic deep waver. This technology will protect your hair from heat damages, also incredible to reduce frizz in your hair and make healthier hair look. Also its extra deep plates will make sure you get desired look with more prominent ultra-deep waves.

Fast Heat

To make sure you get a quick beach waves hairstyle, hot tools have introduced a fast 30 seconds heat system in it. So this advancement in deep waver game have reduced the wait time involved by many folds. Now you can get a quick and easy mermaid looking hairstyle at the ease of your home.

Travel Friendly

With dimension of 14 x 3 x 8 inches and 1.54 pounds of weight, this pro signature deep waver came up with universal dual voltage options. Now you can make this deep waver your travel buddy with any worries of storage and power concerns. Where ever you go you can carry you beach waves along with you.

Easy to Use

There are many popular hair care products available in the market which seems easy to use apparently. Like curling irons, all you got to do is to wrap your hair around but in actual wrapping your hair around a heated barrel is sensitive at the time when you are giving directions to your hair locks. If you fail to do so than your hairstyle will look messy. Pro signature deep hair waver is way simpler and easy in use. It is a faster way to give similar direction to your hair locks. It cool tips makes you safe from any direct contact with heat. No professional assistance needed.     

Usage Pro Tips

If you are looking for a deep waver you must know how to use it. Below are few pro tips that you will found helpful after purchase.

Complete Styling Kit

     You must have all necessary things ready before starting to curl up your hair e.g. deep hair waver tool, a comb to lighten up curls and an electric outlet port to switch on your hot hair deep waver.

Dry Hair

     Your hair should be completely dry before using a deep hair waver. Wet hair could cause severe damages to your hair if used in hot deep hair waver.

Hair Essentials

     Apply necessary protectants on your hair before using a hair waver. As these hot tools could be very damaging to your hair if heat resistant essentials are not applied. Also they will give you a medium hold after finalizing your hairstyle.

Optimum Heat Settings

     Be careful while setting up heat level, you must choose heat setting that suits your hair type. Otherwise either it will not give you required look or it can be damaging your hair. If you do not know what temperature setting suits your hair, start from a low temperature range and increase if necessary.

Enhance Your Curls

Once you are done with curling all the sections of hair game is not finished yet. To enhance to look of these curls you got to give it a touch up. Brushing up curls can be useful to enhance curls, applying hair spray will define hair curls looks more prominently. For long lasting curls other hair care products can be used as per there availability in your area.

Image Product Details Price
hot tools1 Hot Tools pro Signature Titanium Ceramic deep Waver Hair Type
Hot Tools
Item Dimensions
14 x 3 x 8 inches
Power Source
Corded Electric

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Why You Should Buy

With hot tools pro signature deep waver carrying beach wave hair looks was never been so effortless. You can get salon-quality beach waves with this amazing, Hot Tools Pro Signature Titanium Ceramic Deep Waver at the ease of your home. Professional looking waves can be achieved faster as this amazing titanium ceramic plates heats up in 30second. Moreover these titanium ceramic plates reduces the damages threats to your hair by maintaining the required heat level. Its extra deep plates make sure you create gorgeous deep waves that are prominent and long lasting. Suitable for all hair types from fine thin to thick this deep waver will ensure smooth and healthier look waves you create with it.

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