Adagio Salon Quality Hair Dryer

Adagio California is a famous hairstyling tools manufacturers, they have engineered the best adagio hair dryers. The review we are going to provide you is of most awarded hair dryer of the year i.e. Adagio California Accelerator 2000 Blow Dryer. It is a definite upgrade to your home salon. With adagio accelerator on your make up counter you are saving almost half of the time. Also Adagio salon quality hair dryer provides effective and satisfying hair dry. Its compact size and foldable design make it extremely easy to use, no special skills are required to operate. Easy to handle this adagio hair dryer 2000 will give you a natural and frizz free blow dry. Below are the reasons that shows why you must have Adagio hair dryer on your home salon counter.

Adagio California Accelerator 2000 Blow Dryer

  • Hair Type: All
  • Brand: Adagio California
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 4 inches

Fast Drying Technology

With 1400W power of the AC motor installed in it, Adagio hair dryer is super-fast in drying while protecting your hair. Its fast drying technology has incredibly lowered the drying time up to 35% than the usual dryers. For office goers, now you can daily get your morning save with adagio hair dryer 2000 speedy blow dry with almost no damages done to your hair.

Speed/Heat Settings

Adagio 2000 is offering two speed settings High and Low, with 1400W AC motor you get great covered area of air throw and less noise. From low, medium to high adagio hair dryer review is incomplete without highlighting its medium heat settings. This wide range of heat settings are usually missed in many high end dryers but adagio provided it so that styling could be done according to your desired looks. No matter you got fine thin, medium or thick coarse of hairline, you can use this dryer without any fear of hair damages.

Cool-shot button

What makes adagio hair dryer 2000 better than many others is its amazing cool-shot button. This cool-shot button featured in the adagio 2000 is best to use at the end of blow to maintain the styling volume and life. As clear from the name this will blow out cool air. When you are finished with blow drying your hair, use cool-shot that will seal you hair cuticles and lock your hair style in the proper styling look.

Overheating protection function

In compliance to environment, health and safety policies Adagio have introduces a lifesaving function. In this accelerator 2000 i.e. it’s thermal limiter. It’s a overheat protection fuse in the dryer motor that will automatically shut off the dryer upon overheating. This amazing function can surely give you a satisfactory feeling of safety while using hair-dryer.

Lightweight Ergonomic Design

You must not be a professional or an expert in hairstyling for using this best adagio hair dryer 2000. It is so light in weight that you can easily maneuver it across your hair area. It will not leave any dry spot. Easy to use and comfortable ergonomic design increase its reach area. This tool give your hair a satisfying and shinier dry.

Package and Attachments

Package includes below mentioned items

Adagio Accelerator 2000 Blow Dryer, diffuser, large flat nozzle and a styling nozzle. Adagio California offers three type of nozzles in the package, a diffuser and a large flat and a styling nozzle. All these attachment are easy to use that is twist and lock. It also would not come off when used on high speed. A diffuser is a round in shape plastic attachment that spread the airstream all over a wider space in such a way that it helps to preserve the natural flow of hair. People with curls and wavy hair are the beneficial of diffuser. As it helps them to maintain natural style of their hair.

A concentrator nozzle also direct the air flow out of dryer vent. Usually dryer will blow air all over the environment. In order to direct the air flow to a specific direction we use concentrate.

A styling nozzle is used give direction to the heat of the blow dryer. It is specially used for thick and wavy hair. While styling when you need to lock the style or you want to give a wave or curl. At the ends of your hair this attachment is best for it.

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Powerful 1400W A/C motor
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The Adagio Accelerator 2000 Blow Dryer is a salon quality blow dryer. To dry out your hair in record time, it comes with fast-drying technology that lowers the drying time by 35%. You can get desired style with its adjustable two speed settings and three heat settings. Safe for all types of hair. Adagio salon quality hair dryer maintain the moisture, give a shiny glow to your hair. All done while protecting from excessive heat damage. Style can be freeze by cool-shot button to make it long-lasting smooth blow-dry. Light in weight, ergonomic shape is engineered for easy to use and travel.

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