6 Reasons Why BIO IONIC10x Outshine Among Flat Irons

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bio iconic 10x Bio Ionic 10x Hair Type: Dry
Size: 15x3x5 Inch (Pack of 1)
Color: Black
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Bio Ionic 10x

  • Hair Type: Dry
  • Size: 15x3x5 Inch (Pack of 1)
  • Brand: Ionic
  • Dimentions: 15 x 3 x 5 inches

Bio Ionic 10x pro styling flat iron is a hot favorite styling iron among professional hair stylists these days. The reason this ionic flat iron outshines other styling irons is the ionic 10x fusion that ensures minimal damage to the hair. This ensures the comfort of using this tool for styling your hair without any hair damage concerns. It is suitable for all hair types, is easy to use, and leaves hair more shining and smooth after usage. 6 salient features that will make you want to buy this amazing pro styling iron 10x right away are:

Under 10 minutes styling

 A first-of-its-kind 10x flat iron equipped with sonic vibrating technology infused with Volcanic MX that will style your hair in less than 10 minutes for sure. Its sonic vibrating technology shuffles your hair between the plates in such a way that this amazing flat iron will glide smoothly through your hair. It will also ensure to maintain a consistent contact from roots to ends. Resultantly this flat iron automatically reduces the amount of repetitions and provides the desired look in very less time.

Shining and smooth hair

 As this pro styling flat iron passes through hair using sonic vibrating features it will maintain optimum moisture in the hair by using its moisturizing heat lock features. It is very necessary to maintain moisture levels for healthy hair. This outstanding flat iron conditions your hair while you style resulting in a smooth, softer, and healthier mane. The vibrating plates glide through your hair, creating increased surface contact to nurture and polish each strand in such a way that your hair looks smooth, bouncy, and shiny all the way.

Suitable for all hair types

People with sensitive hair are always reluctant while using flat irons for styling as it might cause damage. This hot iron is perfect for all hair types, with its digital temperature control one can easily monitor its heat. Anyone can maintain the required temperature of this tool as per their hair nature. This convenient hot iron temperature ranges from 280 – 450 degrees. This is how it can tackle the toughest and all hair types. The amazing hot iron achieves and maintains its working temperature in less than 30 seconds which makes it more time and cost efficient.

Dimensions and portability

There are many flat iron choices in the market but what makes 1-inch pro styling iron superior to others is its size and shape. It has an oval tip and cylindrical shape, which reduces clamping damage. The buttons of the stylish 10X hot iron are more user-friendly. On top of that, this stunning hot iron has an upgraded swivel cord, which allows free rotation of the cord. One can use it freely and have more flexibility while styling their hair. Its universal electrical adopter ports and convenient size allow you to fit it inside your travel bag easily and take it with you anywhere you want.

Perfect curls

Curls add beauty to your hairstyle if done perfectly. The stunning curling tongs are much more convenient when it comes to curling your hair. Its remarkable sleek design, round body, and swivel cord make rotating the flat iron under control and effortless. Which makes this product superior to others. The long thin shape of the flat iron plates performs the task of curling iron as well. Also, its short plates help in creating nice curls and wavy looks that were never so easily achieved on short hair before.

Volcanic MX technology

BIO IONIC has introduced Natural Volcanic Rock combined with our proprietary mineral complex. This magic creates a moisturizing feature along with the heat that promotes hydration in your hair. Ultimately it will help to speed up the styling process as your hair gain required conditions timely. For exceptional shine in a fraction of the time this stunning flat iron is a must-get styling product. Its automatic 60 minutes shut-off is a life saver for many individuals and is energy efficient at the same time.

With Bio Ionic 10x you are going to get control over styling your hair as per your desire. Its amazing compact design has raised the standards of hair styling. Manufacturers believed in the use of advanced technology, they have achieved all the required features and ultimately raised the styling tools game. While keeping in mind hair health this surprisingly advances hot iron provides smoothness to hair and generates a shiny glow by maintaining the optimum moisture level. It helps to align your hair perfectly and also boosts its natural texture. With almost zero damage done to your hair, you can get the salon-type style in the comfort of your home. If you are looking for easy to use, time/energy efficient, and hair-friendly styling flat iron for yourself, then Bio Ionic 10x is the best choice for you.

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