How Many Amps Does A Hair Dryer Use?

In the modern age that electrical appliances have become a part of our lives. We are surrounded by electric appliances in every room of our house. Among the most popular ones is the hair dryer, which is important and necessary for every lady in order to get out easily with their hair dryer. But many people do not know how many amps does a hair dryer use? How much energy does a hair dryer use?

These are the main questions that you must be asking yourself. If you are using a hair dryer, or thinking of buying one. In this article, we will help you to answer those questions and let you know the real consumption of electricity of this appliance.

What Is An Amp?

An ampere, or amp for short, is a unit of electrical current flow. To simplify things, think of electrical current as water flowing through a pipe. The number of amps indicates how much water will flow through the pipe in a given amount of time. If there are more amps flowing through that pipe, then more water will flow through in one second than if there were fewer amps flowing through that same pipe at that same time.

Hair Dryers Are Primary Sources Of Electricity Consumption

Did you know that most hairstyling devices are the primary sources of electricity consumption? Many people are not aware of this fact and have no idea about the amount of energy consumed by practices like curling, flat ironing, or even high heat blow-drying. The modern hair dryers contain ceramic heating elements to keep the heat longer and diffused more evenly. The AC motor used with them also makes the dryer consume more electricity.

So, How Many Amps Does A Hair Dryer Use?

You may think that a hairdryer is not a big deal in your house. However, it can be something you should not neglect when you want to turn on your other electrical devices. The question “How many amps do a hair dryer use” has been the concern of many housewives all around the world. A lot of people who are doing DIY with the electrical system also wonder about this.

To determine “How many amps does a hair dryer use,” you first need to find the amperage rating of your hair dryer. Check the label on your hair dryer. Then, talk with an expert to make sure you’re using it correctly.

For many years, the typical hair dryer consumed between 15 and 20 amps of electricity. However, a modern hair dryer can consume more than 30 amps.

The energy consumption of today’s current hair dryers accounts for the electrical system, which is already overloaded. For this reason, you need to consider the efficiency and power consumption of your hair dryer when purchasing a new one.

  • A 1600 watt hair dryer will use around 15 amps
  • A 1875 watt hair dryer will use around 16 amps
  • A 1500 watt hair dryer will use around 14 amps

Why Does A Hairdryer Pull So Many Amps?

Well, hairdryers don’t actually “pull” anything, but they can require substantial amounts of electric current. A typical home electrical system is designed to supply 15 or 20 amps, and a single circuit breaker controls many outlets. If the hairdryer and another high-draw appliance (such as an electric range) are running at the same time. They can exceed the capacity of that one circuit breaker.

Hair dryers do have heating elements in them, but those elements are usually only 250 to 1875 watts or even more, nowhere near enough to pull 15 or 20 amps. Hair dryers do have motors in them, though, and motors tend to be pretty power-hungry devices. They require large amounts of current during startup, so if you turn on a motor while another appliance is already drawing power from the same circuit breaker, you could trip the breaker.

The answer is that your hairdryer is pulling a lot of amps because it has a powerful motor in it. That motor requires lots of currents when it starts up and during operation.

How to save the electricity costs of hair dryers?

Most of us won’t be able to do without a hair dryer, so what we can do is to try our best to save costs. Here are some tips for you.

  • The longer you leave your hair to dry, the more electricity is used. This can raise your costs significantly, especially if you don’t have a cheap electricity supplier.
  • When you are done styling your hair by using the blow dryer. You should turn it off and unplug it to ensure that only the right amount of electricity is wasted.
  • It is necessary to ensure good air circulation around the hair dryer. This can be accomplished by opening a window or turning on a bathroom fan. This will not only improve the quality of the work done by your device, but will also save you money on electricity bills.
  • Don’t use a high temperature when using the hair dryer. It is recommended that you use the air volume mode, and don’t let the wind mouth close to the hair. Which will cause damage to the hair.
  • The distance between the wind mouth and the head should be about 15cm, and you can adjust it according to your own needs according to the situation at that time. Keep changing in this distance range; you should also change your direction of blowing hair from left to right and right to left in order to ensure uniform drying of your hair and avoid damaging your scalp by overheating one place for too long.
  • Do not blow all hairs in one direction when drying them: as far as possible keep changing directions so that your hair won’t become too flat or too curly, but also make sure they can be dried quickly enough.

Final Words

There are some other factors to keep in mind when considering how many amps a hair dryer uses. Because hair dryers work at such high temperatures, they must use materials that won’t conduct electricity. These materials include ceramic and tourmaline. The technology used in the hair dryer’s heating element also plays a role in how many amps it draws while in use.

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