Is 1000 Watt Hair Dryer Good?

A 1000wattage hairdryer is a fine hair product. You must be allured by high-wattage hairdryers because they cut the drying time but believe me these are not your kind of thing if you have fine hair.

Why to use a less wattage hairdryer?

If you have fine hair then you really need to understand fine hair science. Fine hair is less in diameter and the hair strand is straight. Because of the lesser diameter and thickness of fine hair, they are more prone to heat damage.

High wattage hot tools and direct heat application hot tools are not less than a nightmare for fine hair because you will burn your hair and eventually your hair will be dead damaged threads with split ends.

Fine hair needs more gentle treatment because of its fragile and weak structure if you have burnt and damaged fine hair then here is the regime to follow, I designed this regime for damaged, dry and fine hair. If you have any of these you must follow this regime for healthy happy hair.

Note: Less wattage hairdryers are also beneficial for curly hair because they cause less heat damage. But for straightening curly hair the wattage is not good enough. I recommend the fewer wattage hairdryers and the following regime for dry damaged curly hair and for fine hair.

Organic shampoo

Find your hair organic or chemical-free shampoo or at least use sulfate paraben-free shampoo so there is no vital moisture loss from your hair.

Deep conditioning

Don’t miss this step if you have fried your hair. Deep condition your hair to your burnt hair.

Nylon towel

This minor step can cause a dramatic change. use nylon towels instead of cotton towels because your cotton towel is not just absorbing water from your hair but is also absorbing the moisture in your hair. And never rub the towel on your hair just pat and dry.

Low wattage hair dryer

Damaged or healthy this step decides the fate of your hair. Low-wattage hairdryers are gentle to the hair and they never burn your hair.

I suggest using a 1000 watt hairdryer or a little more than 1000 watts for fine hair. I have chosen some best low watt hairdryers for damaged, burnt, curly, and fine hair

Image Product Rating  Price
Panasonic EH-ND13 Panasonic Eh-nd13 3.6/5 Check on Amazon
BaBylissPro TT BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer 4.5/5 Check on Amazon
Revlon REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush 4.6/5 Check on Amazon

1 – Panasonic Eh-nd13

  • 1000watts
  • Ionic ceramic technology
  • 3 heat 2 speed settings
  • Removable filter
  • Weighs 14.4 oz
  • Concentrator nozzle included

Beautiful sleek purple dryer from Panasonic is a less wattage dryer that treats your hair gently. This dryer is a compact lightweight dryer that is easy to handle while drying. It is not just a regular travel hairdryer it is a powerful, fast, and result-oriented hairdryer.

Panasonic Eh-nd13 is a 1000 watt hairdryer is made to employed three-speed and heat selections. It consumes 1000 watts of power to give gentle and soft air to dry your hair more efficiently. Its turbo mode produces high yet uniform airflow that dries your hair within a few minutes.

The Cool air shot locks the moisture and essential oils of your scalp. As a result, you have more soft and smooth hair after drying with it. Its ergonomic-friendly design is light in weight which paves the way for carrying it in your backpack while traveling. It has even a hanging notch which you can use to hang it with your wardrobe.

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2 – BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

  • 1000watts
  • Ionic tourmaline ceramic technology
  • 3 heat 2 speed settings
  • Folding handle
  • Weighs 1lb
  • Concentrator nozzle included

Babyliss products are loved all over the world. This hot red dryer from Babyliss is a travel-friendly product because of its dual voltage and compact size. It gives you a powerful airflow like a full-sized dryer and gives you the faster results possible. It is a proven best hairdryer for fine hair.

3 – REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush

  • 1100watts
  • Ionic technology
  • 3 heat 2 speed settings
  • Weighs 1.8lb

A drying brush that gives you drying and styling in a go. If you are not good at hairstyling then this little hairstylist is enough to give you salon standard results.

Volume has always been a worry for fine hair but now you can have the desired volume in simple steps just run this brush from root to tip in an upward direction and yes here you have a gorgeous volume with brilliant shine.

Many a time, you come up with the question: is a 1000 watt hair dryer good? To answer this, I want to introduce REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush. It consists of a large nylon brush with plastic bristles.

It untwists your hair when hot air blows through it. It is an excellent hair dryer that makes your hair look extra shiny and smooth. Its ceramic coating preserves the hair damage while drying. It has an oval-shaped brush that you can use from any side. Its long swivel cord prevents the entangling of your hair during usage.

  • Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer has one of the most powerful airflows compared to the other Ceramic dryers.
  • The ergonomic friendly design prevents you from any strain on the wrist.
  • It is the best low emf hair dryer because it is suitable for both salon and home.
  • It alleviates the negative impact of radiation on the human hair and skin due to being a low emf hairdryer.
  • Its ceramic technology maintains a uniform temperature on the scalp and saves up to 30% of the drying time.

4 – CHI Tech Travel Ceramic Hair Dryer

  • 1400watts
  • Ionic ceramic technology
  • Adjustable heat and speed settings
  • Weighs 1 lb
  • Dual voltage
  • Concentrator nozzle included

CHI is known for its best products. This hairdryer from CHI is a travel dryer featuring 1400watts that is safe for fine hair. Low wattage is not a stereotype fine hair product but you can also use low wattage products for damaged curly hair. This lightweight hairdryer gives your hair perfectly shiny blowouts in less time. I recommend this for fine and damaged hair because it is the best hairdryer for damaged hair.

  • Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer provides adjustable speed and temperature selections. 
  • It has only 430 grams of weight.
  • Its extremely lightweight design has made it almost 35% lighter than other Elchim dryers.
  • It functions with very low noise and also has a native silencer.
  • This hair dryer has a cold shot button that locks in the hair moisture and nourishes your hair.

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