A Quick Weave Story of Hair Style

The right hairstyle can make a plain woman beautiful and a beautiful woman unforgettable. Same is the story for quick weaves and their magic upon your hairstyle. A quick hair weave is a weaving technique which uses glue to a wave or skull cap. This process of styling is done on a base that is easily fixed and removed from the head. You can also call it a custom-made wig. With a hair weave, desirable look can be created using any type of hair extension. Long or short, curly or straight, all one color or filled with highlights whatever you like. Dig deep into your creative mind and style your hairline bring colors, shapes and lengths accordingly

The Hair Weaves Variety

Hair styling is like a menu, one should not stick with same all the time. When it comes to options that you can choose among weaves there is an assurance of huge variety. Any fashion possible for hair styling will also be available in weaves. If there are hair style that are long, short, curls, uplift, frontal, half up, half down as many as there are weaves will also be there for you. 

Desirable Length and Volume

People usually desires what the lack in themselves e.g. length of hair curly hair or straight hair, soft thin hair or voluminous hair. Lengths can be given to your hair where you require and volume can be added where it is needed. Quick hair weaves can overcome light areas or areas where you hair growth is minor. Weaves easily make your hairstyle from short to long, providing you the ease in change your hairstyle without waiting for your hair to grow.

Affordability and Maintenance

Not everyone can afford frequent salon visits to style their hair. When it comes to affordability there is no other better option than a versatile weaving hair technique. They are much cheaper in cost and faster than other techniques. If you compare it with sew-in technique, weaves are way better than sew-in while applying. A styling quick hair weave is low maintenance technique. Daily night time wrapping routing is the only requirement. There are no special treatments and obligations upon you while using a hair weave.

Hair Friendly

Whenever it comes to hair people with sensitive hair get conscious easily. Using a weave is better option than other tight hair-braids or sew-ins. This way of styling is super friendly to your hair, one can easily use loose braids or gelled down extensions. Since a quick wig cap is used while applying a weave so there is minimal strain that reaches directly to your natural hair.

How Long Quick Weave Lasts

Naturally your hair needs a mandatory wash after sometimes, so it is inevitable to remove whatever you applied on your head. A weaves usually last for four to five weeks. Process of shedding is a sign when it comes the time to take it off. To make sure that it remain long lasting there are few points that need your attention i.e. use a silk scarf for protection in night while you sleep. Go for pins to pin it up back or use rollers for the safety of curls in a curly quick style weave. Oil weakens the glue used while applying a hair weave so avoid such products which contains oil in them.

Is it Damaging to Hair?

Every skin or hair type react differently when any product is used upon them. A weave can be damaging to your hair if it is applied improperly. Usually glue is used in while applying a hair extension weave which is highly damaging to hair when direct contact is made. Use of recommended products and gentle care, hair glue contact with your hair can be avoided. So it is highly recommended to visit a professional for applying and removal of a quick hair weave.


Quick weave hair are more likely to shed as the amount of cutting you or your stylist may have to perform to achieve the style of your choice. Eventually your weave hair will fall out of the track so shedding is what you are going to face with time. To avoid it first pull out extra shedding of the track, apply small amount of glue on the edge of the hair track. This will effectively reduce shedding

There is no hair styling technique without its critics. This process of hair installation might had a bad reputation for popping up a few undesirable side effects. It is inevitable, that human actions and errors cause few problems. Final verdict is that, a hair styling weave allows you to discover many pretty hairstyles and insures a positive change your personality looks. When you become a user of it, you can easily adopt your desirable figures with many types of hair extensions long, short, straight or curls, while mixing colors or even highlights. A pure positivity and confidence given to your personality with a quick weave is for sure.

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