What Are Top 3 Best Handless Blow Dryer in 2022 and Buyer Guide for Selecting Best Kiss Handless Blow Dryer

Oh, you know what’s awful? Hair drying. I just don’t have the patience for it!

But, maybe I’ve been doing it wrong all this time.

My hand gets a cramp, my hair still looks wet when I get to work and my man is not impressed by my “5 minutes in the bathroom” routine.

Do you know what could make your hair drying experience a little better? A kiss handleless blow dryer.

And I’m not going to lie — before being sent the Kiss Handle less Blow Dryer, I was rolling my eyes.

I’m just not a big fan of blow dryers. I find them to be cumbersome, hard to manage, and altogether a tedious experience.

I tried using one while living in New York City, but it proved too difficult.

So needless to say when this best handle-less blow dryer arrived in the mail I wasn’t exactly jumping with joy at the prospect of learning how to use another blow dryer.

So, what is a handless blow dryer?

The new-generation handle-less blow dryer is so much more than just an easier way to dry. It’s an innovation that’s hiding in plain sight. The Lamborghini of blow dryers.

A handless blow dryer is a device that allows you to dry your hair with the help of your own hands. It is the easiest way to dry your wet hair faster.

Substituting for conventional hairdryers, a handless blow dryer can be used by anyone. No matter what your hair type is and whether you have short or long hair, you will find this product very useful because it provides faster results and doesn’t require much effort.

How does it work?

The secret lies in its design. The handless blow dryer has two parts: the air diffuser and handle. The diffuser part is placed on your head while the handle part should be held away from the face to keep the airflow. It is important to note that this device comes with a nozzle that you should use instead of a hairbrush when styling your hair. It will help you achieve straight strands faster than ever before!

Benefits of Best Handle-less Blow Dryer

If you’re the type of person who spends an inordinate amount of time blow drying your hair, then handle-less hair dryers are definitely worth investing in. They can help you reduce the amount of time it takes to dry your hair without compromising on the end result.

But aside from that, handle-less hair dryers have other benefits as well. Here are some of them:

Work like charm with a comb attachment

With the increasing popularity of comb attachments, handle-less hair dryers have now become a thing. Since they’re easier to manage, they make a great option for people who are always on the go.

Tons of women have opted for handle-less hair dryers because they’re just easier to deal with. They are smaller and lighter so they’re much more portable. You can simply wrap the cord around it, then toss it inside your purse or clutch; you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space or causing you to carry a bulky item around.

They are also very easy to use. All you need to do is plug it in and point the nozzle at your hair.

There’s no need for attachments, which makes them better for travel since there’s less than you need to bring with you. If you’re bringing your travel hairdryer with you on vacation, you won’t need an attachment since all handle-less hair dryers come with an onboard comb attachment already built-in.

You can use it without burning your hand

The main benefits of handle-less hair dryers are that you can use your hair dryer without burning your hand and also you can have a closer reach to your hair.

Handle-less Hair Dryers are the latest hair dryer creation to hit the market and they have been a popular item since their introduction. It is not hard to see why when you consider all of the advantages that this new product offers.

The handle-less hair dryer is different from your standard hair dryer. The difference is that it does not have a handle at the end of it. Instead, a cool touch design does not burn your hand. This new design offers many advantages for your daily routine as well as your hair care regime.

Easy to use, No tire out arms

We’ve all been there-you’re blowdrying your hair, and you have to adjust your grip on the handle so you can take the weight off aching wrists and hands. Sometimes, you might even opt to hold the dryer in your other hand instead of switching grips. It’s an awkward situation that is easily avoided with handle-less hair dryers.

Tired arms are a common issue while blow-drying hair, but they won’t be if you use handle-less hair dryers. Handle-less hair dryers make it easy to switch your grip without interrupting the flow of air that dries your hair.

Top 3 Best Handless Blow Dryer

If you’re like most women, your hair is something you probably spend a lot of time and money on. After all, it’s one of the things that makes you feel feminine. If you don’t have time to run out to get your hair done or if you just want to wear your hair down for a change, you may want to consider buying a handless blow dryer.

Below are the top 3 best handle-less blow dryers:

Image Product Details   Price
Kiss Handleless Blow Dryer By KISS, 2200 Ceramic Tourmaline Red Kiss Blow Dryer BD09 Kiss Handleless Blow
DryerBy KISS, 2200
Ceramic Tourmaline
Red Kiss Blow Dryer BD09
4.6/5 Check On
Paul Mitchell Neuro Grip Handle-Free Hair Dryer Paul Mitchell Neuro
Grip Handle-Free
Hair Dryer
4.6/5 Check On
HI HEAT Platform All-In-One Perfect Blow Out Handle-less Hair Dryer HI HEAT Platform
All-In-One Perfect
Blow Out Handle-less
Hair Dryer
4.5/5 Check On

Kiss Handleless Blow Dryer By KISS, 2200 Ceramic Tourmaline Red Kiss Blow Dryer BD09

harry pro
  • Features
  • Brand: Red by Kiss
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Dimensions: 12.95 x 10.98 x 3.7 inche
  • Hair Type: Frizzy

Love straightening your hair but hate the hassle of a bulky hair dryer? Say goodbye to the hassle with RED by KISS 2200 Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer. Its compact handle-less design is easy to grip and handle, making it a breeze to style your hair quickly.

Treat yourself to salon-quality results every time you use this lightweight and powerful hair dryer. It comes with a professional-grade ceramic tourmaline that seals in moisture and maintains healthy-looking hair while reducing frizziness and flyaways.

The adjustable heat and speed settings of this kiss handleless blow dryer allow you to control the temperature output so you can get the perfect results every time. This kiss handleless blow dryer also includes 3 styling attachments: a diffuser, concentrator nozzle, and comb attachment that you can use for added versatility. The handy folding handle makes storage easy, so it’s great to kiss blow dryer with a comb for travel too!

Paul Mitchell Neuro Grip Handle-Free Hair Dryer

harry pro
  • Features
  • Brand: Neuro
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 6.1 x 6.1 inches
  • Hair Type: All

The Paul Mitchell Neuro Grip Handle-Free Hair Dryer is a revolutionary hair drying tool that features a unique “handle-free” design. The Neuro Grip dries hair quickly and makes blowouts so much faster. It’s also incredibly lightweight, making it ideal for travel!

There are three powerful heat/speed settings and a cool shot button that seals the cuticle and prevents frizz, so your hair will look smooth and shiny. This model also features a removable air intake filter for added protection against tangles and snags.

Whether you want to use it for straightening or blow-drying, this amazing blow dryer from Paul Mitchell is a must-have. With its ergonomic handle-free design, it also provides a comfortable grip and lets you dry your hair with both hands.

The Neuro Grip Hand Dryer features advanced ionic technology that protects hair from damage and breakage by distributing heat evenly and minimizing static electricity. The cool shot button on the tool eliminates the need to rub your hair with a towel, thereby reducing friction and strain.

If you’re the type of person who likes to multitask and complete a variety of tasks in one day, then the Paul Mitchell Neuro Grip Handle-Free Hair Dryer might just be your knight in shining armor on styling days.

This innovative hair dryer is not only light and ergonomic at less than 1 lb. it also comes with an impressive 1875w DC motor, advanced temperature, and air pressure controls, and a cool shot button.

But what really sets this hair dryer apart from other products of its kind is its handle-free design. Unlike traditional hair dryers that force you to hold the device with both hands, this unit has a convenient grip-free design that allows you to easily maneuver the dryer around your head as you style your hair. Perfect for those who are always on the go!

What’s more, this hair dryer features an ionic generator that reduces frizz and boosts shine for silky-smooth results. Great for all hair types!

HI HEAT Platform All-In-One Perfect Blow Out Handle-less Hair Dryer

harry pro
  • Features
  • Brand: FHI Heat
  • Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 7.8 inches
  • Hair Type: All

The secret to a perfect blowout, first of all, is choosing the right styling tool. The FHI HEAT handle-less hair dryer is great for all hair types, and it will help you get smooth results every time.

The lightweight body makes it easy to grip, and its unique design eliminates the need for a handle, so you can concentrate on styling instead of struggling with your grip.

This unique dryer combines the handle & barrel in a distinctive shape to provide ultimate control for drying & styling. This blow dryer allows you to easily reach all areas on your head for a salon-quality blowout.

Decrease dry time with high and low fan speeds, single heat and cool air settings, and uniquely designed attachments that allow you to style your hair in half the time! 

This hair dryer is perfect for all hair types. We use ceramic heat to produce increased negative ions for softer, smoother results. The lightweight design of this amazing hair dryer provides ultimate control for drying & styling, so you can achieve salon-quality professional results at home!

This innovative handle-less blow dryer also comes with three unique attachments:  the Speed Dry Nozzle which helps speed up drying time by channeling and directing airflow; the Curl Defining Diffuser which allows you to create beautiful curls without the frizz or creating unwanted volume at the crown of your head; and

This dryer features two heat settings and one cool air setting so that you can customize your look. It also comes with three attachments: a speed dry nozzle, a curl-defining diffuser, and a straightening comb. The accessories help you achieve any look you want in no time at all.

Final Words

The handle-less dryer is the best blow-dryer for those who want to tame their hair or give themselves a nice blowout at home. It is a worthwhile purchase.

However, do not expect them to be salon-grade quality, though, as handle-less dryers do not provide the power needed for professional styling. That said, it is nice to have the option of using a handle-less dryer for everyday use. It will save you time and give you a fantastic hair style with all the improved drying experience that comes from a handle-less design.

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