What is a silk press on relaxed hair Guide on How to Do A Silk Press on Relaxed Hair

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of women with natural hair like to press their hair straight. On the other hand, a lot of women who have relaxed hair hesitate to straighten their hair because of damage and burning, but it’s important for them to go for a silk press on relaxed hair treatment in order to get those soft ends.

If you are interested in boosting the natural volume of your relaxed hair. A silk press is an easy way to do so. It is a strand by strand twist, that blocks out any shrinkage, and enhances the bouncy fullness of your relaxed hairstyle.

You might wonder just what is a silk press on relaxed hair? How do I style my natural hair?

It is often hard to know where to start if you have never had a silk press before or tried to do it yourself.

This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to do a silk press on relaxed hair.

What is a silk press on relaxed hair?

A silk press is a hair styling technique in which hair is combed, pressed, and smoothed with a flat iron. It can be used on both wet and dry hair, depending on the desired effect. This technique creates a sleek, smooth finish with a lot of body and shine.

Tight curls can be transformed into smooth, shiny locks with a silk press treatment. Silk press treatments are also used for relaxing the hair and can be accompanied by deep conditioners for healthy tresses. The process is similar to flat-ironing, but there are no chemicals involved.

Silk pressing can also be done on kinky or thick strands of hair to create soft waves and cuts down on frizz and flyaways. If you have very curly or kinky hair, this will help you minimize frizz while giving your hair a sleek appearance.

Of all the easy protective styles available to natural hair, the silk press is, in my opinion, the most underrated. The silk press delivers a straight appearance with plenty of body and bounce. It’s a great go-to style for weddings and other special events. And it’s a good way to preserve length when you’re transitioning or if you want to keep your hair out of your face.

The name silk press comes from the smooth and soft finish that results after using heat on your hair. The technique works particularly well on hair that has been stretched over time through blowouts and flat-ironing (although it will work on virgin hair as well).

Why would you do one to your hair?

Why would you do a silk press to your hair? No doubt that it is a good idea to touch up the shine and style of your lovely locks from time to time. But if you use lye-based straightening products, which can be harsh on the scalp, then you are doing your hair more harm than good.

If you have natural hair and are looking for an easy way to add shine and style, then a silk press is definitely a good choice. It will leave your hair feeling silky smooth, but still with plenty of body.

Silk presses can be a much better option than regular straightening products. They are safer, easier to use, and don’t contain harsh chemicals that can damage the hair. However, it is important to remember that silk pressing isn’t permanent. When you wash your hair, it will return to its natural state. If you want your hair to be permanently straightened then you will need to use a chemical-based product.

Using a silk press is really simple and doesn’t take long at all. You just run the flat iron up and down your hair until all the curls are gone. You can use it on damp or dry hair, depending on what look you want to achieve. If your hair is still wet after using the press then blowdry it into position while you hold the flat iron in place. This will help set the style so that it lasts longer.

How long does it take to do one, from start to finish?

First, we must warn you that the application process is time-consuming. You should allow one to two hours for your first installation, and more time if you have thicker hair. It might take you only an hour or so the second time around, but it’s hard to predict. We’d suggest setting aside at least two hours.

Get in the mood: Turn on some music or get comfortable in a quiet place before you begin.

Prep your hair: Wash your hair with shampoo and towel dry it before starting. Blow-dry it straight for best results.

Choose your hair: If you are going to color or bleach your hair prior to installation, do that first. Then cut out the piece of silk press on relaxed hair and apply directly to the hair (we recommend cutting it into a T shape). Make sure the sticky side is facing down so the silk press on relaxed hair doesn’t stick to itself before it sticks to your head!

What you’ll need for a silk press on relaxed hair

If your hair is relaxed, then you will need to use a press and seal method. This method is preferred because it leaves the least amount of residue whereas a hot comb or flat iron leaves a lot of residues. The reason for this is that the press and seal method uses heat from a blow dryer to warm up the hair from the inside out rather than from the outside in.

Treating relaxed hair with heat frequently causes damage because relaxers are made for pure virgin hair which has never been exposed to direct heat. We talked about this in our post about how to choose hot brushes for relaxed hair.

Here are some silk press products/silk press products for black hair that you’ll need:

  • Paddle brush
  • Suave keratin smoothing shampoo
  • Suave keratin smoothing conditioner
  • Edge Control
  • Hairspray
  • Hairnet
  • Heat protector/heat styling cream
  • Blow dryer
  • Flat iron (optional)

This method works best with two people. One person should put on some protective gear like an apron and plastic cap while the other person should put on some protective clothing like gloves. The one doing the pressing should pull all of their hair into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. The other person should apply a small amount of cream to their hands and spread it evenly across their hands. This will help protect their hands while they smooth out any creases in the wrap or press on any curls.

The preparation phase of the silk press relaxed hair

The preparation phase of the silk press on relaxed hair is important because it determines the overall result of the style. The hair will be smoother, and the curls will be more defined. Here are the five steps to the preparation phase:

Conditioner. Before you start on your hair, you need to use a deep conditioner. You can either use your regular conditioner or buy a special relaxer conditioner that has been formulated for this process. Either way, you need to put it in your hair for at least 30 minutes for proper conditioning and moisturizing. Hot oil treatment is another option for preparing your hair for a silk press.

Hair mask. After conditioning your hair, put a hair mask on it for about 15 minutes. The mask should be left on your hair until it’s completely dry before you do anything else to it.

Remove any excess with a towel or cloth because you don’t want any product dripping onto your clothes while you’re pressing your hair.

Hair cuticle cream or lotion. It’s important that you use some type of cream or lotion on the outside of your hair after rinsing out the deep conditioner or hot oil treatment. This will help seal in moisture and protect against heat damage when pressing your hair with a flat iron or wand.

Oils. Many naturals like to use oils on their hair before pressing it, especially as part of pre-treatment for the silk press. Some oils that are popular include olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil and almond oil. You can also mix these oils together to create a blend that works best for you and your hair type.

Getting through the pressing phase on relaxed hair

As you would know, the pressing phase is one of the most important steps for any hairstyle. It is also the most tedious task which has to be done on a regular basis. Here are some tips to make it better:

Buy a good pressing comb– There is nothing more frustrating than a bad comb that doesn’t work well and has a lot of static. It will ruin your hair and make it look worse than ever. So always buy a good comb.

Use heat-protective products– This is very important because your hair needs to be protected from heat damage in order to look its best. Also, use hair spray or gel to hold down your hair while pressing.

Choose the right time– It is usually recommended that you press your hair at night because it gives your hair a chance to rest during the day, but if your schedule doesn’t allow it, then try pressing in the morning so you can wear your hair all day long.

Be patient– If you want to get the best results, you need to keep in mind that pressing takes time and patience. You can’t expect good results if you don’t take enough time for pressing.

Finishing touches of silk press on relaxed hair

So you’ve got a press on and your hair is feeling amazing, but it just feels like something is missing. Trying to apply silk press on freshly pressed hair will make it look dull and lifeless. You have to have natural curls for this to work properly. Your hair must also be on the longer side. The silk will give you great definition and hold but will only last for a day before it starts to fall out.

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In order to achieve the best results, you’ll want to apply the silk while your hair is still wet from the washing process (it’s easier). If your hair is extremely curly you may want to consider using a lightweight oil or cream like “Moroccan Oil” or Monoi Curl Enhancing Hair Milk”. This will help tame flyaways and add some moisture.

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You can use any pressing comb or brush you prefer, but I like using pressing combs because they are made of high-quality steel that won’t bend or break and they come in different sizes so you can control how much curl you want in your hair when it’s done.

What is a silk press on relaxed hair?

Can you silk press transitioning hair

Many people who transition from relaxed to natural hair have the same concern. Can I go Natural and still get my hair straightened?

What most of us do not know is that once your hair is transitioned, you can silk press it with no problems. The only problem is if you try to perm or relax before your hair is completely natural. If you decide that you want to perm or relax your new growth because it is too curly, then you will have a problem with silk pressing.

The best thing to do is love the curls while they are transitioning and in the process of being natural. You might also want to start using more moisturizers and oils on your hair to keep them healthy. This will help the transition process go a lot smoother for you and keep you from breaking off ends prematurely.

Can you do a silk press on relaxed hair?

People with relaxed hair have been asking this question for years. Luckily, you can do a silk press on relaxed hair, but the results won’t be exactly the same as if you had natural hair.

Doing a silk press on relaxed hair is easier and faster than on natural hair because your hair is already straight. However, to get the same silky look, you’ll need to use the same products as if you had natural hair. You also need to make sure that you’re using a heat protectant when using heat on your relaxed tresses.

What is the difference between a silk press and a relaxer?

What is the difference between a silk press and a relaxer?

A silk press is a natural hair-straightening procedure. It is similar to a relaxer in that it uses chemicals to smooth hair. However, unlike a relaxer, which completely changes the texture of your hair by breaking bonds, a silk press only temporarily changes the shape of your hair fibers.

While this treatment straightens your hair, it allows you to wear your own hair and not use heat or other damaging methods to style it. A permanent silk press can last as long as two years. A semi-permanent silk press lasts about three months before needing another application. Both types of treatments require regular maintenance to keep hair smooth.*

A relaxer is a chemical solution that breaks down bonds in your hair so that it can be shaped into its desired form. The solution may be applied with a brush or simply poured on, and the entire head of hair must be covered with plastic for protection.

A relaxer is most often used on African-American hair because this method permanently changes the texture of the hair from curly or tight curls to straight locks.

The process takes time, usually around three hours total, during which time you are unable to do anything but sit under the protective cap.

How long does a silk press last

Most people who use the hair silk press, find that it lasts for about 2-3 weeks, which is what most users have found. However, some users have reported that their hair silk press has lasted longer than that. It all depends on how much you use it and how often you use it.

What is a silk press on natural hair

Silk pressing is a method of flat ironing natural hair that has been stretched and wrapped in silk fabric. It is a form of thermal reconditioning, like Japanese hair straightening or Brazilian Blowout. The process is done by the same people who do these other types of thermal reconditioning.

A silk press puts very little tension on your natural hair, which makes it ideal for finer textures of hair, as well as for anyone who wants to minimize breakage and minimize damage to their natural hair. A silk press will smooth the cuticle of your natural hair, but not curl it. Silk pressing provides a sleek look with no frizz.

Silk pressing is perfect for people with fine, thin, and/or short natural hair. It also works very well on wavy and curly textures that are difficult to tame with regular blow-drying and flat ironing techniques (because it does not use any heat).

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